Two years as a PA student in the rolling hills of corn

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let there be pictures!

Welcome to the photo tour of my current life

First of all, my home. No, this isn't the one I sleep in, but its definitely where I live! This is the Medical Education and Research Facility, fondly known as MERF. I have almost every class here all day M-F, and then I stick around the community areas to study in the evening. Yep- home sweet home!

On my way back to my "other residence," I pass this amazingly creepy building and get a little shudder! This picture kind of stinks, but it has all this gothic stonework and across the front says "Medical Laboratories" etched in awesome vintage lettering, with cracks running through it and dead vines across it. I half expect to see one of the windows light up with blue streaks of electricity and hear Dr. Frankenstein scream "It's Aliiiive!" every time I walk by. Fun stuff!

Next is this gorgeous path that goes right through campus- and there are paths like this all over! This picture totally doesn't do it justice- I am literally awestruck every time I go by. Iowa= green everywhere! I am totally loving it. But then again, this path has a dark side. Apparently its known as "Stalker Hollow." Yeah, I don't think I'll be going near it at night....

Here's the amazingly beautiful building where I get to go to church /institute, and the place where I get to park for free! (Campus parking is an expensive nightmare, but the institute is only about a 10 min walk from class so it works great.) The inside is even prettier....winding staircase, intricate rugs, pillars everywhere... I love it!

And last but not least, my house! My apartment is actually in the back, so I don't get to take advantage of this fun porch. But that's probably a good thing since i don't have the time anyway. :)

Well, there you go! This week started our massive string of exams (at least two a week for the rest of the summer) so I wont be posting as often. But at least now you have a visual! :)

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