Two years as a PA student in the rolling hills of corn

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My hair smells like embalming fluid...

Yes, everywhere I go the lovely stench of dissected flesh wafts behind me on the breeze. (It happens when you spend 3 hours a day in a cadaver lab...) I finally figured out how to get the smell off my hands by double gloving and washing up to my elbows multiple times after lab- but no amount of shampooing had fully gotten it out of my hair! Yuck.

I have to admit though, its totally worth it! The human body is so amazing- and ten times more so when you get to see every little piece up close and in person. It seems like we should be grossed out every second, but its really not that bad. In fact, its rather fun! The hours fly by and I always get a twinge of disappointment when class is over. (Which is usually right when I have finally cut down to the really interesting stuff!) We are in half of a giant lab full of bodies, (like 30) and the other half of the room is a Head and Neck Surgery class. I keep overhearing the instructions from their professor, and it sounds like what they get to do is way awesome! I could go on in a vividly descriptive manner- but I don't want to gross anyone out. haha

Classes are hard. Not that the information is all that difficult to grasp- most of it so far is pretty familiar. But the VOLUME! It feels like I've gone through a couple of weeks and its only been 3 days. Hours and hours of studying already.... but I really am loving it. :) We've gotten pretty close as a class, and today in anatomy a couple of girls remembered it was my birthday so I had to stand up and everyone sang to me! It was nice. :)

Iowa gets weirder the longer I am here. In addition to freakishly nice people, we had a tornado warning the first week I was here, crazy thunderstorms nearly every night since, and oh- gas is MORE expensive for regular than premium. Something having to do with ethanol content. How weird is that??

Okay, I swear I will post pictures soon!! I took my camera to campus one day, but forgot I had taken the memory card out. :( I guess my brain is slightly occupied!

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